Apparently the guy on the fun factory game is sticking finger at me.  He’s a hater.
So this was purchased this weekend. #808allday. Trip made especially for this shirt LoL.
Udon!!! It was ok.
Matt has found another game to murder me in LoL.  #tsumtsum
Thank you @photojojo for the plate for my phone.  Now I don’t have to tape the ring to my phone LoL.
Spicy ahi musubi.  Good stuff!
Birthday Cake shake.  Noms.   (at The Counter - Kahala)
Messing around with filters and textures on my phone.  Ok.  Back to sleep.
You see people, you block the crosswalk, and then don’t know how to gauge when to make a left turn, it will irritate people.
So I text @eyenocanc that I’m hot and he replies with this picture.  Yes!  Yes, I am marrying a wise ass.