Nail care night.  Time to change the polish.  Again. Hahaha this routine has been working really well for me.  Nails are stronger less breakage.
His and hers shabu shabu.
@teagirls04 good stuff!!!
We’re full now.
Wait… Whaaaat???
I so fail at water marbling.  But it still looks cool. I think. LoL
This is awesome! #oreo #cookiedough
A lot of time has passed but I still remember the day that we lost you.  The day the world lost you.  I miss our talks.  I miss going out and acting stupid with you and john.  I wish I could go back to that night and make things go differently.  Sometimes I blame myself for that night.  I know you’d probably call me stupid for thinking it but I just really miss you my friend.  But please know that John. Saumo, Dinah and I talk about you constantly and sometimes we talk as if you’re still here.  Love you, Jona!  Until we meet again!  #chicalips
Happy Early Bday to my love.  @eyenocanc
Apparently the guy on the fun factory game is sticking finger at me.  He’s a hater.