So I text @eyenocanc that I’m hot and he replies with this picture.  Yes!  Yes, I am marrying a wise ass.
Sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the beauty around you.  Congratulations, #dallonandkawai !!! Thank you for inviting me to share your special day!
#diy sheer polish.  I kinda like it.
So I was tagged and wanted to distract my mind.                               1⃣ I have a pretty huge collection of nail polish.  Not as much as some but more than most.  I’d say about 700? 
2⃣ I get along with people pretty easily.  Unless they lack common sense.  Then we’ll have some problems.  Then I’ll just ignore them. So in a way we still get along.  LoL 
3⃣ I like to make people laugh and smile.  Despite what I might say I really so enjoy seeing people laugh and smile. 
4⃣ My bestfriend Tee and I have been friends for most 30 years.  
5⃣ I am 3 years older than my fiancé.  😁
6⃣ I love my job.  Seriously I do.  
7⃣ I used to think my life was a dream of what the future would be.  That Id wake up and still be 4-5 yrs old. 
8⃣ I like to do crafts and artsy things.  
9⃣ I like to do things just to see if I can.  Then never do them again.  
🔟 I love corny jokes.  
1⃣1⃣ music is a necessity in my everyday life.  
1⃣2⃣ born and raised in Hawaii. 
1⃣3⃣ I had dreams of living in NYC.  
1⃣4⃣ my grandma who recently passed lived to be a 101 yrs old.  No illness.  Just her time.  
1⃣5⃣ when I’m about to see my fiancé @eyenocanc I get butterflies.  Truth. 
1⃣6⃣ almost everything I know how to do is self taught.  Ukulele, art, my nails, makeup, piano etc. 
1⃣7⃣ I have learned to forgive those who have done me wrong.  I refuse to let them win.  
1⃣8⃣ I grew up thinking I was less than what I needed to be.   Then when I hit 30 I realized I needed to change that and allow myself to be happy. 
1⃣9⃣ if I call you a friend, you are family.  My family will call you and treat you like family. 
2⃣0⃣ I love to play video games.  I’m just not all that great at it.  LoL.
#tsumtsum came in such a big box LoL.
Got some bad news tonight so Matt is doing this to keep me distracted.
I was pinned again at work.  I thought I was there to talk about the my bosses intern who is super awesome.  My boss is trixie!  LoL.
#dksteakhouseribeye my new favorite steakhouse.
My first time riding the big Ferris wheel.
Guess who won the Brainy Smurf???  LoL. It wasn’t Matt.  Hahahaha.  We were lucky today.